January 10, 2022

Dear colleagues and friends,

Thanks to the financial support we received from the CEI initiative (www.cei.int) for the accommodation of the participants from low-income CEI countries at RAD 2022 Spring Edition Conference, the participants from certain CEI countries (Albania, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Moldova, North Macedonia and Ukraine) can apply for free accommodation during the spring edition of RAD 2022 conference (the name of the hotel where they will be staying will be known during March). All interested participants from these countries should apply by March 30, 2022, by sending an email to info@rad-conference.org

Best regards,
Goran Ristić


November 1, 2021

Dear colleagues and friends,

We have started preparations for the 10th Jubilee International Conference on Radiation in Various Fields of Research (Jubilee RAD 2022 Conference) in the hope that next year everything will be fine and that we will be able to gather again.

Because spring suits someone, and summer suits someone, but this is a jubilee conference, we decided to organize the RAD 2022 conference twice, in the spring and in the summer, i.e., from 13.06. - 17.06.2022. (Jubilee RAD 2022 Conference - Spring Edition) and from 25.07.-29.07.2022. (Jubilee RAD 2022 Conference – Summer Edition). Of course, you can participate in both conferences!!!

The last RAD 2021 Conference showed how much we all want live and real, not virtual contacts.

RAD conferences are different from other conferences and are primarily intended for people who like their specifics. You will have unforgettable experiences on them!

We invite you to another unforgettable RAD! Come to Herceg Novi, participate in 10th Jubilee RAD Conference, feel the spirit of RAD conference and become a member of the huge RAD family!

All information can be obtained on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and E-mail!

Best regards,
Goran Ristić ORCID iD icon,
Chairman of RAD 2022 Conferences